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Mom is coming out tomorrow morning and taking Aiyre with her when she leaves tomorrow afternoon. Maybe we can talk her into taking 'the boy' too.

She'll be here for lunch and all that. We're going to make 'stew' early tomorrow morning. Hopefully there will be enough to cover lunch and dinner. Emily's parents skipped out on the toys(or so they claimed) and send savings bonds instead. They also sent a box full of presents... so.. who knows. We didn't really get anything for our kids either, or for each other.

We made a list of stuff we'd like, but, not knowing that the grandparents might be getting for us, we didn't get anything off the list either.

I guess we can pick up anything we really need after the holidays. I've been passing the vacation watching Babulon 5(season 1) and Battlestar Galactica(original - Thanks for the loner Benn). I'm getting pudgy being home too... *sigh*

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