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So, Evan and I went to visit my mother Tuesday. We just got back after a long slow slippery drive. Arg... now that I'm home and can see the weather radar... We must have left NY just at the tail end of the storm. We drove the whole way inside the snowfall band. Grr..

Gramma(dad's mom) fell earlier today and broke he hip. Shes in the hospital in Troy. By the time I got the info it was past visiting hours. If she is still in the hospital on the 27th, I'll stop in to see her.

I called CA. They have my revised tax form(again) and are working on it. It'll take another 3-6 months for them to decide if they like it and to get me my ~800 bucks back. Grr.

I also called the medical reimbursement company... I'm waiting for a ~50 buck check for expenses. They claim they sent it and it was cashed in October, on the 18th. I don't have any deposits then. I double checked the online account and my paper statements. Nothing besides paychecks in that area. I did have a deposit on the 2nd, but that wasn't it as I faxed in the forms on the 3rd. So, they are going to email me an image of the check so I can verify the signature. Its been a couple days... I have no idea how long it takes for them to get their hands on the actual check and image it and send it to me.

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