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Friday again... I came in early today so I could leave early and meet Emily and Aiyre when the get here. I suspect Aiyre will want to hit the pool before dinner. Not sure what we'll do for dinner. Aiyre doesn't normally want to get back into the car after a long drive like that. I got a 50 buck 'spot award' type of thing for the effort I was putting in out here.

I've been playing 'Freelancer' quite a bit at home. It reminds me a lot of 'Privateer'. It is prehaps a better game. The graphics are much better for sure. There are more weapons and more detail to the weapons, etc. The non-story parts could use a little work. All of the missions so far have been of the 'fly to here and kill someone' type. At the start you have little opertunity to be a merchant because your ship can only hold 20 units of goods which means you can make like 200 bucks. You can make much more than that by killing stuff and selling the remains of their ships.

I'm feeling pretty good about work right now. I'm having trouble with Ionosphere STRS. There are so many problems. I would just go fix them myself, but the unclassified interface here is very slow.

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