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Wed, Dec. 5th, 2007, 07:16 pm

I totally could have really gotten jammed up on the ride home. First, there was a busy intersection with the traffic signal out. A couple cops with flashlights directing things. I got through amazingly quick. Second, Route 9 was really jammed up. I cut around and merged back onto 9 just after the mess(which looked like a car fire or something). Lots of cops, 2 lanes closed, fire truck, etc. Again cops directing traffic decided to let my lane go just after I queued up. Next a broken down car. It was on the opposite side, but was backing up traffic into the intersection and backing up the left turn lane(which was backed up into normal traffic lanes). I was in the righthand lane and skirted by with barely a slowdown.

All the same, I opened the lab this morning before six and didn't get to leave till after 6:30, so I'm pretty wiped out.