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Mon, Dec. 3rd, 2007, 04:52 pm
I had a dream...

So, I have this dream last night. I'm driving with my grandfather(who past away 10 months before Aiyre was born). We're following my grandmother, who is driving in some other car. We're getting stuck in traffic that is holding us up and delaying our arrival at the amusement park(which is where I have the feeling we are going, though no one said that).

Anyway, grampa gets a little aggressive and begins passing people by swerving into oncoming traffic(which is very light compared to the direction we are going). We're zooming down this road. We occasionally see cars pulled off to the side, parked well off the road(where I get the feeling they've decided to walk the rest of the way). There are occasional forests and hill(with triple decker, worcester style homes).

Eventually grampa decides to take this side road which turns out to be unpaved. We hit bumps and go flying 30-40 feet in the air. I can feel myself tense up as we impact each time. Eventually I'm trying to lead him through this narrow trail with lots of ravines and such to get stuck in. We get stuck, but I lift the front end of the car out.

As we turn around we find ourselves in the midst of a biker rally(still in this offroad shady area), though I can see the main drag back the way we came. A motorcycle cop shows up and beings writing tickets to various bikers and to us.

Kind of strange of me to have a dream about both of them, when I haven't really thought about them recently.