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Now, here is a good use for the web. Awesome.

I went to a going away get together for Mike last night. It was at Beermans. I was a little late because I was home doing laundry and then rode my bicycle over to Beermans. I had heaping handful of rum and diets. It was interesting riding my bicycle back home. It seemed a little unstable, particularly in corners.

Of course I ran out of soda at home, so this morning I've had a hangover combined with a caffiene withdrawl headache. *bleck* I didn't sleep well either.

No one was really here yet when I got here but I still ended up out in the overflow 'parking lot'. Which means my car is parked off the side of the road a couple hundred yards away.

Maybe I can leave early and hit the pool before it gets dark. My car thermometer has been reading over 100 when I leave work the last couple days. It drops to the low 90's once I'm moving but still. The summer here is going to suck.

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