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Turkey Time is all done(except for 3 weeks of leftovers).

Thanks to everyone who made it possible :

Mom and Jim(for bringing the Turkey)
Sal(the butcher who sold it)
Sal's Buddy(who owns the turkey farm and sold it to Sal)
NY and MA DOT(who built all the roads Mom and Jim drove on to get here)
Ford(for making the car they drove)
Exxon(for selling them the fuel)
Emily(for cooking, etc)
Aiyre(for rolling the rolls)
National Grid(for powering the oven)
Amana(for building the oven)
The Cellar(for making and selling the dish ware we used)
Percy etal(for selling and delivering the oven)
The guy who built our house(for building it, etc)
All the truck drivers(who shipped everything we bought to the various stores we bought the stuff at)
All the people involved in making parts of everything(siding for the house, growing the broccoli, tile for the floor, baking the bread for the stuffing, etc) (for doing it)
And anyone else I missed

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