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Sat, Nov. 17th, 2007, 03:28 pm

Well, I'm on vacation. Finally. Although, I'm not sure if, technically, this is vacation, as I would have had today off regardless.

Aiyre was sick last night. She just kind of lounged on the couch for a couple hours. She woke up around midnight to use the potty. When I walked her back to her room, I found that she'd puked on her bed. Much more orderly than last time she puked. *sigh* Okay, had to clean it up, change the sheets, pillow cases, pillow, stuffed toys, etc. Cleaned up the little girl/etc and got her to bed.

Shes been coughing a bit today, but nothing pukey. We walked up to McDonalds for lunch(about 1 mile each way). Its not really that cold, but the wind was howling. Brr.