Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil


We all went bowling last night. We only stayed for an hour because they had leagues coming in. Doh. They should post that information somewhere. Anyway, we got some pizza and tossed some balls. It was a little hectic with Evan constantly trying to cause trouble. Really he just wanted to play with the balls and such, but he really couldn't lift them so much and I was afraid he'd smash his toes/fingers.

Aiyre got about her average(70ish), I manage 135, which might be my best game ever and Emily came in at 65(I think). Maybe I have Emily's and Aiyre's switched. Anyway, Evan rolled a couple balls and Aiyre rolled a couple of Emily's so they are mixed up anyway. It'd be a lot easier if we had a babysitter. Of course Emily was grumpy that I made her come and play.
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