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We had tacos for dinner tonight. I make mine a bit spicy(chili powder, crushed red pepper, etc). Everyone else goes super wussy. Anyway, I took the last tortilla and used the last of the beef. That last taco proved too much for me and Aiyre was hungry so I offered her the last couple bites. I totally forgot about the spice.

Anyway, she takes a nibble and then stuffs the rest into her mouth. After chewing a bit, I notice her had is greasy from the taco so I take her in to wash it. She spits out the mouthful of taco and starts scooping water out of the bathroom sink. I was her hand. She goes back to scooping water. I offer her the towel to dry her hands and she uses it to wipe off her tongue. Poor little girl. I had to get her another cup of water and some graham crackers to dilute the spice.

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