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I took Aiyre over to the bowling alley on Route 9 in Shrewsbury for a little training. She was very excited when we got there. Very happy and thrilled to be able to watch all the people bowling and such.

We got an alley with bumpers(which was a good choice, as Aiyre would have had a really bad score without them). Anyway, we get to the alley to find the neighboring alley overflowing with people. Most of our seats were used up with their people, so that we had to sit in our neighbor's alley, when we wanted to sit. They also had pizza and fries and such. Aiyre was so excited about the bowling, she managed to ignore the pizza and stuff for two whole games, then she started hounding me for pizza. Over and over and over. *geesh*

So, luck is almost as good as skill. She managed 86 and 71 for her two games. I got 95 and 77. I won, but barely. A couple of her frames she hit 9 down with the first ball. On the second she knew enough to stand over to the side to try and hit the remaining pin. She had a bit of trouble with the ball, which was a 6 pounder. She did throw it quite a bit more vigorously than the little kid in the alley next to us. He had one that stopped 7/8 of the way down the alley. It eventually settled in a low spot on the alley(in the middle of the alley, about 3 meters short of the pinds). They had to call for help to find out what to do about it.

Very funny for most people, but the poor 2-3 year old just stood there and watched and waited for the ball to hit the pins. I think he started crying.

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