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Well, I finished 'Storm Front' yesterday afterwork while sitting by the pool. It was kind of interesting. I like the wizarding stuff, but some of the background story crap was a little tedious. I'll probably put book two into the list of books to read. I started on 'Rainbow Six' last night. Seems pretty good so far. The font is a lot smaller and the book a lot thicker, so this one will take me a while.

I finally sent out another batch of Star Wars emails. I had thought I was waiting for replies, but I was in fact the bottleneck. Maybe Adam and Colleen will join in now that their vacation is over. *hint hint nudge nudge*

I've been working on 'Kanemud' a lot lately. I've thrown out all of the stock world and am using a world created by Emily and I. I've also thrown out all the items, etc and replaced them. I've altered the data file formats, etc. I've changed the character system to be closer to 3rd ed D&D. But, I've tossed out the magic system in favor of a spell seed and free-formed spell system. Casters can use and combine magic words to form a unique spell for any/every situation. I'm still coding in the seeds, modifiers, etc. I had to write a bit of a better spell parser to figure out what the caster meant by the stream of magic words they said.

I'm also trying to figure out how many seeds every class will know, or can know, when they learn them, how much power they can put into a spell at a given level, etc.

I missed all the fun when I took my vacation. They had a bomb scare. Everyone got evacuated for like 2 hours. Some people got sun-burned.

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