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Well, the World Series has begun. I missed the game last night, but heard that we won. My hurt my neck yesterday at work. I can't really turn my head much and I can't look up at all. Looking down hurts and stretchs. Hopefully it'll work itself out.

The kids have enjoyed playing in the leaves. Hopefully they'll like the snow too.

Thanksgiving and Xmas are coming up fast. Our fiscal calendar already has us in November. I've got 31 work days left this year.

We started looking for normal water heaters and it looks like we're going to get stuck with a small inefficient model unless we want to redo a much of plumbing. *GRR* We may still be able to work out a tankless gas heater, which would be good, but also require a bunch of plumbing/exhaust changes.

I've got an appointment on Monday to talk to H&R block regard the CA mess. Hopefully we get it straightened out this time.

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