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Aiyre and I went over to Norm's last night for the game. Aiyre wanted to leave before it was over, but it was line 8 to 2 or something at the point we left, so I felt satisfied the Red Sox would win, so we went home.

I think the plan it to head over there again tonight at 8 for the next game. Aiyre will probably skip this one. She was up in the middle of the night with bowel problems and such. She managed to make it to the bathroom each time!

The batteries on the smoke detector started to go over night. *beep* *beep* *beep* etc. ADT called today to let us know it was beeping. Like duh. We bought new batteries. The size the thing takes are 12 bucks for a 2 pack. Geesh. 3 volt batteries. I checked them with the multi meter. The new batteries were 3.25 volts. The old batteries were down to 3.02 volts. That hardly seems dead to me.

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