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If these kids keep this up I may need to get a puke user pic. Anyway, Aiyre is sick. They tried to send her home from school yesterday, but couldn't get ahold of us. She was puking and had diarreha. She seemed okay when she got home, though the school had put a diaper on her.

She puked in the middle of the night. That kind of made me sick. I had trouble getting to sleep after spending 30+ minute up cleaning the mess. This feeling continued today. I've not puked, but I don't feel good either.

I had a strange dreams last night after listening to politcal discussions on NPR and watching Ghost Rider. Also in the dreams, my mind forecast a drop in Raytheon stock to $43 per share. It did drop today, almost a whole dollar, but its still at like $62-$63.

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