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Mum, Emily, Evan, Aiyre and I hit Canobie lake today for the Raytheon Family Fun day. Aiyre had quite a bit of fun. I'm not really sure how much fun Evan had as compared with just enjoying the ability to run around free.

We saw one and past another accident on the way there. The car in front of us as we merged onto 495 just suddenly swerved across 3 lanes from traffic and into the far guard rail. We also saw a car that was being towed out of the woods having somehow slid backwards into the woods(she must have spun out first).

Anyway, with the accidents and mom drive along at nearly 80 in a bouncy mini-van, I wasn't relaxed at all. Especially when I heard that she was driving the mini-van because she had totaled her own car a couple days prior.

So.. I was down to 216# before today. I'm not sure where I'll be on Monday.

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