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The award thing came with some cash. After taxes it might cover the video camera and external hard drive I got a week or two ago.

I turned in my AA miles for JCPenny gift cards. They came in the mail yesterday. I think I ended up with 425 bucks of gift cards.

My new computer(at work) got installed today. What a fiasco. Every time I boot it complains about not having a mouse driver. Of course the mouse works, so of, so I don't know what its bitching about. The mouse is a optical and it doesn't deal well with the glossy surface of my desk. They didn't copy over my Lotus settings(signature, etc). When I start Excel, I get 8 or 9 errors about unable to find plug-in files and such. Grr..

New work policy for internet usage came out... They claim to own any blog content I post while on a work computer. I'm not sure I point to any one thing, but it sounded like they were cracking down on internet usage.

I'm down to 218 pounds...

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