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at the in-laws

Well, I made the drive over okay. I got to the in-laws and they were not home. I looked around and couldn't find them so I set to putting my bike back together. It is supposed to have quick release tires. They came off quickly enough, but were difficult to get back on. Most especially the brakes for the rear tire. The cable wasn't long enough anymore. I struggled with it till they came home from grocery shopping.

John loaned me an allen wrench to loosen/lengthen that cable. Everything seemed to be together, so I took it for a 5 second spin. I was unable to shift the front derailer from the small gear to the middle gear. When I selected the largest gear, it shifted all the way up and would then shift down to the middle. When I attempted it again, it still didn't work. I'm going to have to check if something is bent or mis-aligned.

The Star wars will have to be on hold for another week while I'm out here. I've not really put any time into it in the last week or so. I've never gotten any response from adam/colleen. The dialog with slick and skinny was moving along nicely, but I think I'm waiting for a response from slick.

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