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Wed, Aug. 22nd, 2007, 08:53 pm
Mining Accident

This is mostly going to be a bitch session... so... you are warned.

1. I'm sorry they miners are trapped/died/etc.
2. I don't think we have any business being down there. Its just stupid to think we can consistantly and safely operate with half a mile of rock above you. There are cracks and stress points hidden deeper in the rocks that will always cause some sort of collapse(eventually), etc.
3. People are starting to talk about 'carbon sequestration' and such. Pumping carbon into the ground and sealing it. Coal is mostly carbon. In fact its a far denser, more compact form of carbon than something like liquid C02. You want to put carbon back in the ground. Put coal in the ground. Better yet, leave it in the ground.
4. Hopefully the families of the miners will sue and get a large settlement. This will drive up the price of coal and make renewables relatively cheaper.
5. I know we "can't" get by without coal right now. Mostly because people are wasteful. With all the "easy" coal gone, we need to move that much sooner to other energy sources. Mining deep coal is less efficient, more damaging to the environment, more expensive, and more deadly to the miners. We really need to stop using it.