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We went out to eat to "The 99" for dinner. I ordered a Killian's, which is really the only tolerable beer I've found, and they were all out. Turns out they stopped carrying it. WTF? Okay fine. Give me a water. The whole reason we picked the 99 over Friendlys was so I could have a beer. I order Steak tips well done. They come, you guessed it, red and bloody. We send them back and by the time they show up everyone else has finished so I have them box them up to go. They are going to get any repeat business anytime soon.

Our water heater is heading towards 9 years. Various people I've talked to describe horrible events when the water heater goes(corrodes all the way through releasing the water). Well, we don't have a basement, the water heater is in the bathroom off the living room/kitchen. Anyway, those same people are surprised ours has lasted as long as it has. So... we're looking to replace it. We'd prefer to get a tank-less electric Water Heater, which is the most efficient you can get. Anyone have one? Anyone have recommendations? We're going to need an electrical contractor to put in a 220 line and a plumber to re-route the water pipes into the new tank too. Maybe someone from the gas company to fix the gas lines and exhaust venting too.

Oh and the new Prius is up for its 10K oil change. Wow, we've only had the car since January... the miles are packing on. Where have I been going? I guess the trips to Moms are at least 300 miles round trip. If only Norm worked reasonable hours I could car-pool once a week or something.

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