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I'm off!

I'm off on a 'home visit' till Friday!

My first day off in quite a while.

I was thinking about software testing... I occurred to me that there are different levels that you can test to.

Level 0 - A monkey jumped up and down on the keyboard.
Level 1 - The code looks good.
Level 2 - The code compiles with warnings
Level 3 - The code compiles warning free
Level 4 - The code does not core dump/bus error/etc when run.
Level 5 - While looking at output, the code does what you want it to.
Level 6 - While looking at output, the person which requested you write the code, thinks it does what they wanted it to.
Level 7 - A monkey can jump up and down on the code and the code still works.

I really need a Monkey picture to go with these posts... Perhaps a curious george photo...

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