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We went to Davis Farmland yesterday afternoon. The kids and I seemed to enjoy it. Emily didn't care for it and it was kind of a toss up as to whether the grandparents liked it. Lots of animals(sheep, goats, chickens, etc). Aiyre took a pony ride. Evan fed the animals but Aiyre was too scared(even with me holding her, she kept flinching away). She did pet a couple animals, but only briefly.

There is a bit of a water park at the Davis place too. Aiyre and Evan really liked that part. The water wasn't very cool and really stung if you got it in your eyes, but they didn't seem to care.

Today, Emily's parents headed out to Utica while I was working. Emily and Aiyre went to see the Wiggles in downtown Worcester. Hopefully, they'll like the show. I was all to happy to stay home with Evan while they went.

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