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Fri, Aug. 3rd, 2007, 07:03 am

I got the new pure sine wave 1000 watt inverter hooked up and running. It seems to remove the audible distortion from things plugged into it. I've now got my computer/monitor/etc hooked up to it. I'll have to do a power outage post next time the power is out.

Raytheon stock jumped up another $1.20 today. I was expecting a drop. In anycase, I sold a bunch of shares at 4pm yesterday, finally succeeding at the "buy low, sell high" plan.

I got into work late today(6:45) and managed a parking spot in the front row and I had to unlock the door to get in. Bunches of people must be out on PTO/etc today. Gonna be a nasty day to be home. The A/C is on and its cool(for now).