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Tue, Jul. 31st, 2007, 06:52 am
What a way to start...

Well, I took off work yesterday so today is really my Monday. Evan got us up at 5am. I get ready for work and pack up my bag. Emily hops in the shower and I head out to the car. Well, the car is locked. I grab for my keys. Doh! Back to the front door to find its locked too. Doh!

After standing around for a bit pounding on the door, which Emily didn't hear, I decided to break in. I slip open the living room window. Lean in and yell for Emily, which she also didn't hear. *sigh* Okay, I clean off the window sill and hop through onto the couch.

I grab my keys and walk back out to the car. Hopefully things will get better from here. I've got Volleyball tonight.