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Aiyre and I got back home at about 9pm last night. The beach was nice, the weather was wonderful(although a little less wind might have been okay). Aiyre got a little red but not so much she was complaining about being in pain. I got a little red too. Mine doesn't hurt either.

We stopped to see KKB on the way back. Kate is in Ireland with her mother on vacation so Kathy had to deal with the kids all by herself for 10 days. Whoop.

Anyway, Emily had finished the new Harry Potter by the time I got home so I've got it now. I'm on Chapter 2, page 20 or something. It'll probably be next week before I finish. So, I'm not going to read any posts or anyone's stuff until then because I don't want it spoiled.

The inlaws arrive or fly out tomorrow. Not sure if they get in tomorrow morning or if tomorrow is the day they leave and they get in Wednesday morning. They tend to take the 'red-eye' flight.

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