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Planetary Woes.

I've been feeling more and more fustrated with the world around me. People and companies being wasteful of planetary resources. Its making me upset, sad, and fustrated.

Someone mentioned about a fishing trip they were on. Someone caught a shark. They beat the shark to death against the side of the boat and then dumped it back in the water. WTF? If you are going to kill the beast, you might as well, keep it for food/etc.

People are trying to rally against plastic bags here in MA. It takes oil to make plastic. So much that you could drive a normal car 1 mile on the amount of oil it takes to make a dozen plastic grocery bags.

The real question is, if this were your planet would you want to spend your limited resources on that item? Anyone out there want to spend resources making 'hello kitty lip gloss compacts' to hand out in kids meals at McD's?

Just think of how much money and resources could be saved if we could just become more tolerant of each other so that we could eliminate world-wide military forces. Thats a huge amount of steel, oil, plastics, etc that is available for more lasting endevors.


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