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I spent most of today up in Woburn at the Raytheon just off of 93. I had a code review from 9 to 5, with an hour at a Brazilian joint for lunch. I'm over my OT limit for the week, so I may have to leave early to get back down below the limit.

Anyway, we didn't finish the review, so I'll have to go back next week on Tuesday. Maybe Thursday too, if we don't finish on Tuesday.

I heard a bit on the radio from some speech W gave regarding stem cell research. It said it wouldn't be right to kill people in order to save other people. That, "That wouldn't be moral". Isn't that the whole point of his pre-emptive war policy? Kill the terrorists to save american lives? Fight a war in Iraq, killing 100,000 people to save americans from Saddam's WMDs?

Mom came out today, but I didn't get home from work till almost 8pm, so I didn't see her.

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