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Mon, Jun. 18th, 2007, 04:58 pm

So WTF? they had a quote on NPR on the way in this morning. Some southern senator complaining about a clause/ammendment to the energy bill that was going to require energy companies to buy or produce 15% renewable power by 20XX. He was arguing that this was a tax on the south eastern US because they didn't have wind or solar power they'd have to buy it from somewhere that did.

Wait, so the sun don't shine in the south? The wind don't blow? Thats funny cause I always see these pictures of bikini clad wind-surfers advertising tourist resorts in the south. Lots of sun and wind. Huh.

This is for Norm.... time to move to NYC. I was kind of surprised that we'd evolved as a society enough to get to this. I certainly don't mind...