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We decided to skip the movie and let mom go home early given the slim choices. Emily is really set on Transformers, so we'll probably catch that in July. I'll probably also see the new Die Hard movie and the new Bourne movie.

Yesterday the four of us went to the duck pond outside of the Marlboro Raytheon plant. Fed the ducks/geese/swans for a bit. The kids seemed to enjoy it. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday on the way home. It was nap time or we'd have hit the carnival on Route 20 just west of 495. Maybe today. Anyway, while Evan was napping, Aiyre and I went to see Shrek the Third. There was a fair bit of adult humor and situations that Aiyre really didn't understand. She got kind of bored part way through, but got interested again when the credits rolled.

Last evening, I saw the hedgehog/weasel/mirecat thing. Kevin Noe told me what it was at some point but I can't remember the name so... anyway it was out in the backyard so I ran out the door and cornered it. It stopped and kind of reared up and made a cute little snarl thing at me. It just stood there. I stood there. Time passed. When Emily came out with the camera it made a break for the nest it dug under our compost pile.

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