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Sun, Apr. 11th, 2004, 03:23 pm

Well, I'm back from my 'getaway'. It wasn't torture, but I would not call it fun either. The drive was just awful. I almost barfed several times. I sat in the backseat and played with Aiyre for the drive to Loyalton. The first section is 193 and is a narrow backroad which weaves and winds up and down left and right. The second section is 80 and is mostly uphill but there was a bit of traffic and no one seemed to want to drive safely. The third section is 89 and 49 and it was a lot like 193 but at higher altitudes.

Once there I took a walk for an hour or so while we let the food get cold waiting for Aunt Gayle to arrive. I hiked up a nearby hill, picked some flowers for my wife and hiked back. I twisted my ankle about 1/2 way back and had to limp the rest of the way. The remaining walk helped the ankle out and it doesn't hurt at all. Perhaps I can not feel it over the pain in my knees, calves, and back.

They had ham and lasagne for dinner. The ham was good, but the lasagna taste like it was made with rotten pepperoni or something. Very strange tasting, so I didn't have much.

Aiyre liked playing in the ashes and dirt they had piled in their entryway which was going to be used to form a planting area. She was SO dirty.

I drove maybe 1/2 of the way back, out onto 80 and over donner pass. After that Aiyre was asleep, so I tryed to do the same but everytime I nodded off a bright light would shock me awake again. My eyes just could not focus and hold the road, it was like I was drugged or something. By the time we got down onto 193 I was pretty much awake again.

We got home after midnight last night and to bed even later. Aiyre got up at like 7-7:30 this morning. *yawn* I hope Emily makes it back to Cupertino okay. We didn't stop anywhere that had postcards so, sorry everyone.