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Noah *Ping*!

Yesterday was quite rainy in the morning, but the rain mostly stopped by 2pm or so. Turns out that the family diagonally behind out house has a 5 year old autistic boy. It was his birthday. They rented one of the inflatable bouncy things and had all kinds of bubble generation devices.

Having received an invite, we headed over. Aiyre and Evan both enjoyed it until we dragged them away. Evan really started getting hungry and into trouble about 5 or so. Aiyre lasted till 6, when she started pushing the birthday boy around on the bouncy thing and eventually hurt him. Doh.

They had piles of food, sandwichs, pizza, cookies, chips, chips, snacks, etc. Not to mentions cake, cupcakes, ice cream, etc. Evan found he liked cheese doodles. They had a huge pile of food left when we left. They'll be pigging out on that stuff for weeks.

They normally have a trampoline, which Aiyre quite liked, and invited her to come over and use it. Not so sure about the logistics on that cause we don't normally see them outside. Looking down the line of backyards, 3 out of those 5 houses have trampolines.

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