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Well, I hope the bunny is good to everyone this year.

I'm planning on leaving at 3 or so today so I can meet Emily and Aiyre when they get here. We are heading over to a co-workers apartment this evening. We bought a couch/coffee table/dresser set from them. I've got a Uhaul reservation from 3pm to 9am tomorrow. I hope we can do it all in one trip. Emily and I may have a little trouble getting the couch up the stairs and into the apartment.

Saturday afternoon we are heading over to her aunt's house, in the hills between Sacramento and Reno, for an easter get-together with her family. About noon on Sunday they'll be heading back to Cupertino and I'll get to go work.

My next 'home visit' is in a week or so. We are planning on spending a day or two in San Fran seeing the sights, etc. Emily's parents will watch Aiyre for us. With luck Aiyre won't be too much trouble. I'll end up spending a couple days in cupertino with her parents as well. I hope it is more relaxing than my last home visit.

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