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Well, Raytheon is showing "An Inconvenient Truth" in its facilities. I think I saw that the Sudbury showing was June 12th at 4pm. Wow. Quite a surprise there. We have been making our energy savings goals(15% under the 2005 energy bill).

Aiyre and I stopped down the street to play with the neighbors. At the end of the street, they've got a swingset, slides, tire swing, etc. She liked to push the tire around, but today we managed to show her it was a swing and she tried it out. Yippie! She loved it. Too bad its not ours.

CJR had a 'party' type thing this afternoon. Big speech about a new/revised contract, how this was good for us, etc. Followed by beer, wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, meatballs, bacon wrapped scallops, stuffed shrooms, etc.

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