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Mon, Jun. 4th, 2007, 07:13 am

Turns out that Phil/Will had a bee pile in their front yard. Looked like several hundred bees were swarmed on a stump. Not sure if they were just passing through or if they'd overflowed their nest or what. With all the bee issues around the country it'd bee nice if there was an animal control phone number to call for bees. They could come and collect up the bees and then sell them back to the bee farms.

While I was outside yesterday I found that we had another hornet nest. This one was attached to the motion sensor flood light overlooking the driveway. Everytime I walked by at least one of the hornets came after me. Aggressive little bastards. Emily was saying that their is some species of hornet which eats the bugs that chomp on our bushes(which are infested). Maybe these are them and thats why we keep getting new nests.

We'll need to be very careful when opening/closing the garage door until they are gone.