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Sat, Jun. 2nd, 2007, 04:30 pm

TWW and Jack moved out! The mailman claimed they'd been split up and back together several times and that she moved out nearly a year ago. Anyway, they are gone and someone else moved in. All I've seen so far is 'Ed' who sounds Russian or something but looks kind of middle eastern. Maybe he's from Afghanistan?

Anyway, the car in the garage had a stroller leaning against it, so I'm guess he(they?) has childern. So far all we've seen of them is him mowing the lawn and a moving truck. Time will tell. Hopefully they'll want to pull a rr/gorby and 'tear down that wall'.

We just got back from Phil's party for Tyson. Lots of people. Aiyre was having a bit of fun, but Evan was kind of annoying. He wanted to play around behind the pool in the dirt/dog crap/broken glass and throw rocks in the pool.