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I took a couple hours off of work today. It was pretty dead and I was at the end of one task and rather than spend an hour on the next, I just decided to leave. Beautiful day, quite warm.

They came to fix a crack in the windshield, but botched the job and now the 1cm crack is about 0.2 meters. So.. next Wednesday I'm having the windshield replaced.

After Evan got up from his nap we went up to Quinsig for an hour or so. Lots of russian sounding people again. Very strange. It was mostly women again, but this time it was mostly women with jiggle in all the wrong places. Evan had fun tossing rocks in the water and dumping out the bucket I brought. I managed to get him to walk into the water up to his knees or so, but for the most part he stayed on the beach.

He seems to break out into giggles every time he hears music. On the way there we stopped next to some car with thumping hiphop and he just broke out into giggles. On the way home the radio put on some strange celtic accordian thing, again giggles.

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