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Tue, May. 15th, 2007, 09:26 am

I had a dream this morning. I found myself on the schoolbus on the way to high school. Even though it was high school, all the kids looked so little. As I sat, on the lefthand side by the window, I felt my hair needed to be clean. So.. I lathered it up with shampoo. Once lathered, I let it sit a bit and then realized, I didn't have a shower to wash the shampoo out. Doh, I found I had a towel with me and so I wiped it out of my hair(quite successfully too).

The bus swung around to the back of the school, nearly hitting the corner of the building, and let us out by the hallway that all the math classrooms are on. As I entered, some small girl told me I had some foam on my face from the shampoo still. She then ran off giggling. I wiped it off and put on my Ratheon 'No Doubt' hat. I went into the school looking for the office.

I knew this was my first day back and that I was old. I needed to get my class schedule and my locker combo because I couldn't remember what it was anymore.

** As a side note, I'm pretty much twice as old now as I was when I graduated high school. Doh. I guess if I'd gotten laid on prom night I could have had a kid of my own graduating high school by now, but I didn't and I don't.

Anyway, I eventually get into the office, which has moved since I went to school there. Did I mention that the high school I was returning to was the high school I graduated from back in Schenectady. Anyway, after passing a line of kids waiting to speak with the principal, I got into see the secretary. She handed me a stack of messages which looked like phone message forms. She said that because I missed so much school I had a lot of absentee notes I had to get signed and return. She said that she couldn't help with my locker and that she could give me my class schedule, but that I'd have to 'decode' it... Oh dear.

The chicken scratches on the notes was very difficult to read, but I eventually puzzled out that the first note from from Madam Weldon, the french teacher about how I'd missed class. Doh.