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I took Aiyre out to see Meet the Robinsons last night. Was pretty dead considering Spidey3 was out. Actually for the 4:45 show to Spidey3, there was only 25 seats sold(according to the ticketing guy at the theater).

Reasonably good movie. Aiyre liked some of it.

The replacement door we ordered for the laundry closet got cancelled. Turns out they can't/don't make what we ordered. We're stuck with just using a curtain or widening the opening to allow a door to fit.

We've got Marcus's birthday party today, followed by a BBQ hosted by one of the guys at work. Tomorrow is The Walk for Hunger. I expect we'll be home by noon and probably not that sore as I really doubt I'll be able to get Aiyre past the 5 mile mark.

We're thinking about where to go on vacation and such. I don't think we want to fly. Maybe head out to western NY, visit my sister in Warren PA. Anything great to do out there? The Falls are out there, but the kids aren't going to be really impressed.

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