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It was nice to discuss with Bill some OC changes and some STRs. It allowed me to do some work that I enjoy for an hour or so.

I'm still not feeling refreshed in the morning. I was in bed for like 9 hours last night but I woke up tired and un-motivated. I'm feeling somewhat depressed or drugged or something. Just really Blah.

I bought a couch/coffee table/dressers from Mike. He is going back to Sudbury and will be over-weight so he is dumping some stuff. With luck, I'll be moving them over to my apartment on Friday night. It will really be nice to have something comfortable to sit on while I read.

I've been reading Malone's "The Last Noel". I got it for my mother for christmas a couple years ago and she loaned it to me. It is a very different genre of book from anything I've read since being forced to read strange things in high school.

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