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I just got back from the mall with our new Wii. We'll have it setup soon and try it out. I was third in line at 9:30am for the store opening at 11am. I brought several Time and Newsweeks with me so I could try and catch up. At least it wasn't wasted time. I should have brought chairs, like the two in front me had.

Turns out they were waiting for Xbox360 Elite, not Wii. The line had 10+ people by the time the store opened. The delivery had 15 Wii, so everyone got what they wanted.

Aiyre is sick. She's been just laying on the couch all morning. Every time she eats/drinks she ends up puking. Poor Aiyre. At least my sick feeling went away. We left the windows open over night and that disappated the smell some.

It seems we didn't get all the apple off the sheets before we washed them. That load came out of the laundry covered in apple parts and smelling really nasty. Doh. I shook them all off and put them back through the wash again to get rid of the smell.

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