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So... while using the dryer this morning all the smoke alarms start going off. Doh. I guess the pantyhose covering the exhaust isn't filtering enough. After getting the alarms to stop we add a pair of tights to the filter and a fan to distribute the exhaust which seems to fix the issue. I just finished running tubing into the attic. I've still got to route it out of the house, but that's a start.

I'm headed to the mall tomorrow to try and get a Wii. I got a lead from a clerk about 10+ coming in tomorrow morning. We'll see how it pans out. Hopefully we'll be weed(Wii'd) by the afternoon.

So I heard part of some report on the detainees down in Cuba today. Very disturbing stuff. Details of various mis-treatments, details of the sham hearing they are doing, etc. Details from the lawyers of a couple of the detainees about the case against them.

One is being held because a friend of his blew himself up in a suicide attack in 2003. Usually you don't arrest someone for what their friends do.. but anyway.. they attested him in 2001(2 years prior to the attack). It also turns out that the friend is, in fact, alive and well and living in Germany. The lawyer has spoken to him and submitted video of the interview to the DoD, all to no avail.

At this point the administration won't release anyone because after 4+ years of isolation and torture, anyone release would become a terrorist if they weren't already. What a mess.

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