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Gramma is getting kind of old. Her health isn't really holding up. On casual observation she seems fine and has it together, although they let her hair get long, so she kind of has this wild caged look. Sort of like Sean Connery in The Rock. Anyway, she became very disoriented when we left the 'assisted living' center.

It quickly became obvious she had a bladder problem(my poor car). She also has a tumor on her tongue, which runs clear through from top to bottom. She mostly complained pain the back of her mouth/throat. No idea what is going on there, but whatever it is, it hurt.

We went to Mom's for dinner and she had a scoop of ice cream and 4 glasses of water. She nibbled on one bite of chicken, but it turns out she only has 2 teeth left. Both bottom, left and right of center. Well, she wet herself at dinner and with her alzheimers, she had forgotten about it and was embarassed a second time when she got up after dinner.

Well, I drove her 'home', (my poor car) and dropped her off. She didn't know what the name of the center was, what her room number was or anything helpful. She likewise didn't recognize anything outside of the center(Troy, Albany, Schenectady, etc). She was totally lost. Well, it turns out she is allowed to just sign herself out anytime she wishes to leave. I gave them a piece of my mind, but I didn't get the feeling they would re-classify her so she can't leave.

I'm not thinking she is going to last too much longer. She is refusing treatment for her tongue because she thinks they will cut it off(which it probably true). *sigh*

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