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Lost in Translation

I finished watching Lost in Translation last night. I watched the deleted scenes and special features today. I guess the film was interesting. I'm about to spoil things for you if you have not watched it yet., be warned. It wasn't what I was looking for. The movie is about two people who fall in love. Those two people are both married to someone else who happens to not be there and providing the emotional/conversational support required. This sort of this is not what I need to be reminded of, considering that Emily is away.

The story was different in that, the lovers never consumated their affair, yet the affair was still there. They kept going out with each other night after night after night and I kept wanting them to end up in the sack. Mostly for my own enjoyment, but alas, it was not to be. I guess I wanted them to make sure they knew how they felt for each other. I went through my younger years with those people I loved never knowing of it. I'm now afraid of the 'what if' syndrome and really try to avoid it. What if I'd told her I loved her? What if...

I finished Return of the King a couple days ago. I did, really like the bit at the end where the return to The Shire and have to kick out the ruffians and take care of Saruman. That part was a quick read. The bit leading up to it, with Frodo and Sam wandering lost, and the bit after the end where they sit around while Faramir and Aowyn fall in love was kind of dry and slow.

I went to Borders tonight afterwork and replaced a CD of bagpipe music that Emily brought to work back in New Mexico and walked off. They had a special display of Irish stuff, I guess left over from St. Patricks day. I got a laugh out of a CD of irish drinking songs. Quite hillarious. I also bought a copy of Gray's Anatomy and a funny Vampire book for Emily. She's been reading a lot of Vampire and Werewolf stories in the last year or so.

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