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Toeing the line

Scale claimed 224# again today even though I was wearing steel toed shoes. I'm guessing I was really at 223# instead. The true test will be whether I can hold steady over the weekend.

I'm confused about the mixed sea-level rise reports out. Some are predicting small sea level rises over the century, something on the scale of 1/10 of a meter. Others say that if this one ice shelf(near the south pole) melts sea levels will rise 3 meters. They also claim that the shelf is becoming increasingly unstable and melting at an alarming rate. So... the alarming rate will result in it melting... in... lets see... 3000 years? That would allow the reports to be 'in-synch' A tenth of a meter per century rate and 3 sea-level-meters worth of ice, so.. there you go.

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