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Fri, Mar. 30th, 2007, 08:38 pm

We had the end of year IEP meeting for Aiyre today. They all thought she was getting better. Still a long way to go and we are getting further behind the rest of the kids on a daily basis. She'll get summer school again this summer and be back in the SAIL program again next year. Summer school went from 6 weeks with 4 days a week to 5 weeks with 4 days a week to this summer with 6 weeks and 3 days a week(except for the 4th). So we went from 24 days to 20 days to 17 this coming summer.

I took the day off of work to attend the meeting, which started 20+ minutes late. So glad we were on time. At least I got a lot done around the house today. I hit home depot this morning and got another shelving unit for the garage and some storage bins. I picked up Aiyre's closet and re-organized the garage. I also built the 'playhouse' that the in-laws bought for Christmas. Its a tiny little thing that Aiyre must crouch to get into and stay crouched inside. It fits Evan better, but they both seem to like the building.

The city 'rejected' our pile of cardboard recycle-ables. Stuck a note on saying they needed to be cut down to 3' by 3' and flattened. With the exception of one box, they already were. That one exception was 38" instead of 36". Fine, reject that one, but why leave the whole pile? I cut up the offending box and added 3-4 more boxes to the pile for next week. I've got to cutup the 'playhouse' box too. They cardboard pile is going to be over a foot tall. The playhouse box was nearly 2 meters tall and just about that wide. Lots of cardboard.