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Tue, Mar. 27th, 2007, 06:26 pm

Busy with work. Lots of code reviews and not much time to do my own coding. Doh. I've gotten suckered into moderating several reviews too. Double Doh. Spending a bit of time in training too. I think I've had 60+ hours of training already this year. *sigh*

Well, I did learn something today. Geheim means SECRET in german. Well, they use it to mark their SECRET documents anyway. Vertraulich(sp?) is used for lesser classified documents too.

Speaking of german.. we got the latest Dresden Files episode to watch. Amazon also sent me a notice that a new Dresden Files book is due out beginning of April. We'll also be starting a new diet beginning of April. Hopefully I can drop a bit of weight before the volleyball/bathing suit season gets into full swing.