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I had a dream...

They towed my car right out of my driveway. While one the phone complaining that someone stole my car, I notices someone attempting to tow our other car. Doh. I run out and hop on the hood of the 'tow truck' which is an old 2 door sedan. I ride the hood and eventually they give my car back.

Back home explaining it to Emily and two people show up at my house. They claim to work for JCPenneys and are here to collect collateral on my outstanding balance. They want the car, but I won't let them take it. I argue, how am I to get to work to earn the money to pay you back? I offer up Norm's boat, which for some reason is parked on my front lawn. They refuse. They go inside to look around for stuff when I realize that one of the people is my mother.

She scolds me for not paying my bills and I eventually convince her that I must have had my identity stolen because I don't even have a JCPenney account, much less a $26,000 balance. We struggle trying to find the phone number to call JCPenney and I eventually wake up.

Very disturbing. I had to go look out the window to make sure the car was still in the driveway.

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