Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

Heater Freeze

You furnace decided to go out to lunch yesterday. It isn't coming on when it should and it isn't heating very effectively. The thermostat said it was down to 60 upstairs and downstairs last night(temp was set to upper sixties). We eventually got the furnace to come on by tripping the circuit breaker and reseting it.

This morning the baseboards were warm but the temp was 60 upstairs and 55 downstairs. We may have something wrong in the furnace. Maybe not enough water in the system or sediment buildup or a problem with the exhaust fan or a water pump problem or something that is keeping the furnace from activating.

To make matters worse, the county is coming by today to assess Evan. I'm concerned they'll get DSS involved because we can't keep the building heated. Emily will have to call to try and get someone out to look at the system.

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