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Hmm.. still need a new Prius picture... I hit 2000 miles on the new car on the way home yesterday.

Anyway, so this minivan passes me on the way to work today. Double yellow zone and in an intersection. The guy proceeds to accelerate out of control and then tailgate the next car he comes across. While tailgating he was constantly swerving and tapping the brakes so he wouldn't hit the guy in front of him.

Eventually the car getting tailgated turned down a side street. Crazy guy turned accellerates up to like 60 or something in the 30 zone and soon catches up with the next car which he proceeds to tailgate. Everytime we came to an intersection crazy guy attempted to pass. This continued for about 10 miles when crazy guy went east on Route 20 and I went west.

Anyway the car had a logo on the passenger side that looked like Alliance Transportation. License number 47769. He had livery plates. I couldn't find any way to report the reckless behavior. I couldn't even find any local business with that name. Theoretically, the DOT rules should allow someone to report the guy and force them to do a drug/alcohol test. His problem was probably a personality issue, not a drug issue, but who knows.

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