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Sun, Mar. 4th, 2007, 06:35 pm

'They' are coming to evaluate Evan on Monday and again on Thursday. He seems more 'normal' than Aiyre, but hasn't really started to do much in the way of speaking. With our genetic history we managed to get the (state/county/feds?) to come evaluate him.

Maybe they can get him some help. We already managed to get him into the 'playgroup', that Aiyre started with, as a 'community' child. Maybe they'll have someone come by the house to work him or get him additional sessions in the group. He currently only gets 1 session a week, which he enjoys.

I'm a bit conflicted. I'd like to hear that Evan will be fine, but I'd also like any help we can get to get him back on track. He's now just over 18 months old.

I'm going to take off of work to witness the evals. So, I'll leave early on Monday and Thursday. I think the evals are at 3pm and 1pm respectively.